Iran Gypsum Powder

Iran Gypsum powder (also known as Plaster of Paris – POP) By using Pure Natural Gypsum Rocks as Raw Material from our Northern Mining sites with advanced calcination technology and techniques we provide

Highest quality of gypsum powder available currently at Iran Gypsum market, besides beneficiary and good rates, our Gypsum powder products alongside of all standard technical data sheets available from authentic laboratories such as

  • Geo chemical middle East.
  • SGS Reports
  • National Accreditation Center of IRAN
  • Mineral Processing Research center of Semnan University

Few Advantages of our Gypsum Powders:

  • Whiteness & Purity Above 96%
  • Great Adhesion
  • No Cracking, High Flexibility and Softness due to High Purity.
  • available different particle sizes as requested by Customers.
  • Different Setting Times as Required ( including Late setting Or Fast setting times)
  • Branding, Printing on packages
  • Available in all packing sizes ( 25KG, 40KG, 1MT Jumbo Bags)
  • Best Packing Bags used for Products ( polypropylene WaterProof Bags)

Please Contact us to Get Best Purchase offer and view Technical Data sheets and Test Results.

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