Gyplast Plus Iran Minerals

GYPLAST PLUS is a pure gypsum based plaster suitable for most internal wall and partition surfaces including brick, block and concrete.

It consists essentially of pure gypsum hemihydrate formulated with special additives to control application and setting characteristics. It contains pure gypsum in natural form, eliminated from all impurities. It gives plaster an unmatched workability because of its smoothness, coverage ease of application. When dried it provides a super white and smooth finish. It doesn’t require any water curing.

Why Choose Gyplast?

  • Pure Gypsum Green Product.
  • Higher Setting Time
  • Super White High Coverage
  • Excellent Strenght on Drying
  • Humidity Resistant

Other Features :

  • Single coat application. Can be directly applied
  • High coverage up to 92 m2/t
  • Enhanced light refection, imparting true color tone and gloss for paint
  • Compatible with any type of paint.
  • Mixing Ration – 1:1.25 Gypsum Powder & Water by volume
  • Thickness can go up to 32mm for walls and 10mm for ceilings
  • 1 Year shelf life.
  • Lower maintenance
  • Crack free
  • No powdering
  • Fungus free
  • Fire resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistant

Iran Minerals Gyplast Plus Compatibility

Gyplast Plus can be applied directly on all the Hard Surfaces as shown below.

Products ComparisonSand Cement PlasterPlaster of ParisIran Mineral Gypsum Plaster
Direct Application
Line & Level
Smooth Finish
Time Saving
Quality Assurance
Water CuringDoes not requireDoes not require
Shrinkage CracksDoes not appear

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