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    Gypsum Crystals, Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Rocks, Urea, Salt Rocks (Blue, Pink, White) All Highest Quality available in Competetive Price.
  • 97% Purity and Whiteness

    Gypsum Powder - Calcined Gypsum -(POP) Plaster of Paris

    Superior in Quality, - Get your deals Now - New 25KG Packing

About Us

Who We Are

A Short Introduction

Iran Minerals Development, Trading, Mining, Supply, International Group of Companies.

One of the Biggest Iran origin Mineral supplier currently in the Market,

Established in 2010, Providing Services and Supplying Minerals of Iran origin, with more than a decade experience in this field.

IMDT CO is a Privately held company now Supplying our Respective Clients with Mostly Below Products:

  • Gypsum ( Gypsum Crystals, Gypsum Powder, Gypsum Rocks)
  • Rock Salts or Halite ( in All grades and forms, Blue, Pink, White)
  • Urea with Different Grades.

Why Us ??!



Best Natural Gypsum in all Iran, extracted from northern mines of Semnan Province, Whiteness, Quality above 96%, available Test Reports, Technical Data sheet, SGS Reports, verified by Iranian Standard Laboratory and Geo Chem Middle East.

Easy & Secure

We provide Ease of Payment Methods From Dubai Bank accounts and all our exports go through Switch BL Via Jebel Ali Port of UAE, Therefor no need to worry about Iranian Sanctions.

We will Do it ALL

From Printing your Branding & Logo on Gypsum Powder Packages, To Custom Clearing, ِDirect Supply from Iran Gypsum Mines, High Efficiency, Expertise, Experience, Resulting in Most Cost Effective, Fastest delivery in Terms of CIF & CFR Terms.


Capacity & Records

On Time
On Time
Customer Satisfactory
Customer Satisfactory


What We Offer

Gypsum Powder

After a Decade of Experience, we can proudly say that we offer Not only Highest Quality and Purest of Iran Gypsum Powder, but we still offer best available market Rates in all Region so far.

Our Product Your Branding

From Production to Consumption, No need to involve third parties as we all know that would only increase cost, Print your Logo on bags directly at loading bay of factory (no Additional charges)

Transactions & Delivery

Delivery of cargo applicable in all terms including ( FOB – CFR – CIF) providing switch BL methods to easily bypass Iranian Sanctions and all Transactions via UAE Bankings.


Peace of Mind

In your Purchase, 24/7 Support by Our professional Sales Managers, Documentation and step by step pictures from our port agents as cargo starts progressing  ( From production to custom clearing and loading inside containers or vessel, we will update you by pictures)

Iran Raw Minerals

Mining - Manufacture - Production - Supply - Trade - Export. Find out Your Required Mineral Right Now Right Here. Iranian Petroleum Products, Urea, Poly Polypropylene, White Spirit, Raw Minerals, Enquire Now.


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    Hormozgan, Bandar Abbas

    Moradi intersaction, Chahar Bagh, Golam Golzari, Ghavam 20

    Islamic Republic of Iran

    +98 902 060 3227 - WhatsApp


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