Iran Gypsum Powder

Iran Gypsum Powder producer – Supplier and Exporter

we (Iran Minerals) as one of main lead suppliers of iran gypsum powder and gypsum plaster in all Middle East Region,

with Production capacity of monthly upto 500 Containers containing each 27MT of Iran origin Gypsum powder – Iran origin Gypsum plaster or Plaster of Paris .

We already (in 2020) exported more than 5000 Containers of Iran origin Gypsum powder inside 25KG packages to mostly Indian Ports and few other countries.

By our Expertise and Experience in these line of business for over a decade now.

you can rest assure you will be purchasing from first hand party and manufacturer.

Iran Gypsum Powder :

Iran Calcined Gypsum powder or Iran Plaster of Paris (POP)

Gypsum plaster powder in any mesh (Micronized 100 and 200 Mesh) for plastering on any type of walls.

  • Gypsum Powder for Ceiling, Drywall, Contructions, Plastering, Over Painting, Interior Walls, Decorative materials, Molding and wall coatings.
  • All of above is applicable by different setting times and different products/materials.

    Buy Iranian Gypsum Powder, why Us?

    Because of Quality :

    • Great Adhesion – No Cracking, High Flexibility and Softness due to High Purity.
    • Available different particle sizes (Mesh 200, Mesh 100)
    • Different Setting Times as Required (including Late setting Or Fast setting times)
    • Easily Print your logo or branding on packages in our factory/production line.
    • Available in all packing sizes ( 25KG, 40KG, 1MT Jumbo Bags)
    • Best Packing Bags used for Products (polypropylene Waterproof Bags)

    Can be applied directly on all the Hard Surfaces as shown below.

    Iranian Gypsum Plaster powder quality can be approved by:

    • Geo chemical middle East.
    • SGS Reports
    • National Accreditation Center of IRAN
    • Mineral Processing Research center of Semnan University

    Iran Gypsum powder (Plaster of Paris),

    We (Iran Minerals) offer Iranian Gypsum Powder with leading rates to the clients and bound to provide the good and consistent quality products to our customers.

    Contact our 24/7 available sales manager Via Email or Whatsapp to get more detailed review on Technical data sheets and Test reports and find out your best suitable iran gypsum powder product for your import.

    WhatsAAP: +98 902 060 3227Email:

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    1. Hello,

      I am looking to buy plaster and have it shipped to Canada. I am an artist and decorative plaster worker, and wondering if your plaster is suited for such applications. I am also wondering if you have any type of product suited for outdoor use.

      In any response, would you please attach a list of prices for any corresponding products, and for which size. Please include any shipping, taxes, or other charges, as well as time for delivery to Qu├Ębec, Canada.

      Thank You and Have a Lovely Day,


    2. we received excellent whiteness and quality on our previous cargo, please please please always keep your quality as it is, thank you.
      will be ordering next cargo on Jan 2023

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