Gypsum Powder

We offer Iran Gypsum powder (Plaster of Paris),

with leading rates to the clients and bound to provide the good and consistent quality products to our customers.

Our Gypsum Powder Products Quality can be approved by:

  • Geo chemical middle East.
  • SGS Reports
  • National Accreditation Center of IRAN
  • Mineral Processing Research center of Semnan University
  • 100% more durable than any other branded gypsum powder.
  • 96% + purity product.
  • Ready to use
  • Great Adhesion
  • No Cracking, High Flexibility and Softness due to High Purity.
  • available different particle sizes (Mesh 200, Mesh 100)

  • Different Setting Times as Required (including Late setting Or Fast setting times)
  • Your Branding and Logo, Printed on packages
  • Available in all packing sizes ( 25KG, 40KG, 1MT Jumbo Bags)
  • Best Packing Bags used for Products (polypropylene Waterproof Bags)

Iran Gypsum Powder with Different Quality products which holds different settings times made our products,

Easy to qualify for all uses such as:

  • Gypsum Powder for Ceiling.
  • Gypsum Powder for Drywall
  • Gypsum Powder for Construction, Plastering, Under Paint, Interior walls.
  • Gypsum Powder to apply for decorative material
  • Gypsum Powder for molding and wall coatings.

Contact our 24/7 available sales manager Via Email or Whatsapp to get more detailed review on Technical data sheets and Test reports and find out your best suitable iran gypsum powder product for your import.

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