Iran Selenite Crystals- Iran Gypsum Crystals

Wholesale supplier of Iran gypsum Crystals – Natural iran selenite crystals rocks.

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable natural selenite crystals – you’ll find the best selenite crystals at great prices – available in Bulk quantity,

Crystals Quality can be proven by :

  • Geo chemical middle East.
  • SGS Reports
  • National Accreditation Center of IRAN
  • Mineral Processing Research center of Semnan University

All official Test Results available .

Quality assurance with our longevity in this line of business, Expertise, Experience, professional sales manager and team,

High Quality Mining sites in Manzandaran – Semnan city of Iran.

selenite crystal rocks with high transparency and shiny rocks,

available in Big blocks (1x2Meters) or cut off rocks with 10cm to 50cm lumps.

Selenite Crystals – Natural Gypsum crystals

How to buy natural selenite crystals in iran?

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You can get selenite crystals wholesale from us. Iran Minerals Company is the main wholesale distributor of Iranian selenite. For getting more information please leave us a message.