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Iran Minerals Development, Mining, Supply, trade, International Group of Companies.

One of the Biggest companies and Lead supplier of Iran Origin Minerals currently in the Market,

Established in 2010, Providing Services and Supplying Minerals of Iran origin, with more than a decade experience in this field, we are currently providing High quality Iranian Minerals to world wide mostly Asia and Middle East Market.

Currently share holder of two different factories and Several Mining sites located both in Southern and Northern part of Iran.

Located in Bandar Abbas -Southern part of Iran in Hormozgan province, which makes it closer to port of Shahid Rajaee – Biggest commercial port of Iran, making it much cost effective for bulk buyers and Iran Minerals company Clients over the years.

IMDT CO is a Privately held company now Supplying our Respective Clients with Mostly Below Products:

  • Gypsum ( Gypsum Crystals, Gypsum Powder, Natural Gypsum ores)
  • Urea with Different Grades.
  • Rock Salts or Halite ( in All grades and forms, Blue, Pink, White)

You can contact us 24/7 at our given Contact Details Here: Contact Page